Écurie Daniel Gingras



Being in agriculture for over 30 years, Daniel began his career buying a dairy farm in St-Flavien, in the County of Lotbinière. For several years, he stands out in agricultural shows with his thoroughbred Holstein cows, starring the famous Miquette Anna.

However, he has always dreamed of owning horses. In 1998, he built an addition to his stable and purchased his first black Clydesdales. Even at this time, he has big plans and decides that one day he will breed and lead 8 harnessed horses.

In 2007, his farm burns down, all cows perish but 17 horses survive. After deep reflection, Lyne quits her job and together they decide to build a stable with a drive dome as well as a Club house.

Once the construction is fully completed, the purchase of broodmares in Western Canada and the United States along with the arrival of newborns already require some expansion. The machinery warehouse will be moved in order to make a free stall with 6 pens to hold the colts and the fillies.

Today, Daniel and Lyne are proud of their herd, 50 horses, registrated thoroughbreds and expecting to deliver twenty foals every year. They continue to put all their energy to provide high quality and well trained horses, with an excellent pedigree. Finally the dream comes true!





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